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Merry Mischief's Merriment has included these ~ among others:
  1. Sterling Renaissance Faire, Sterling, NY
  2. Pennslyvania Renaissance Faire, Mount Hope, PA
  3. Fort Myers Medieval Faire, Fort Myers, FL
  4. Silver Kingdom Renaissance Festival, Charlton, MA
  5. Mark Twain Days, Hartford, CT
  6. Cornell Plantations, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  7. LeMoyne College, Syracuse, NY
  8. Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY
  9. Cayuga Community College, Auburn, NY
  10. Turning Stone Casino, Verona, NY
  11. Seneca Niagra Casino, Niagra Falls, NY
  12. TV Stations:

    WIXT Channel 9 – “Bridge Street” Show, Syracuse, NY
    Channel 6, “SoundWaves”, Auburn, NY
    Channel 98, “Rhythmz”, Syracuse, NY
    WPAC channel 98, Baldwinsville, NY

    Radio Stations: WSEN, WFBL, WAUB

  13. The Smith Opera House, Geneva, NY
  14. Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY
  15. Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY
  16. Cultural Resource Council, Syracuse, NY
  17. Syracuse Irish Guinness Fest, Syracuse, NY
  18. North Country Goes Green Irish Fest, Watertown, NY
  19. Willard Chapel, Auburn, NY
  20. St. Lucy’s Cathedral, Syracuse, NY
  21. Waterloo Canal Days, Waterloo, NY
  22. Civil War Days, Peterboro, NY
  23. Dickens’ Christmas, Skaneateles, NY
  24. Erie Canal Museum, Syracuse, NY
  25. Rose Inn, Ithaca, NY
  26. Canal Fest, Seneca Falls, NY
  27. Rosamond Gifford Zoo, Syracuse, NY
  28. Happy Endings, Syracuse, NY
  29. Hillside Children’s Center, Auburn, NY
  30. St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center, Syracuse, NY
  31. Granger Homestead, Canandaigua, NY
  32. Irish American Cultural Institute, “An Gorta Mor” Project, Syracuse, NY
  33. Last Night Perry, Perry, NY
  34. Conservatory of Art, Trumansburg, NY
  35. Damascus Shriners, Rochester, NY
  36. Brighton Library, Rochester, NY
  37. Syracuse Galleries Library, Syracuse, NY
  38. Stueben County Library, Corning, NY
  39. Founders & Hosts of Jordan Open Mic, Jordan, NY
What Folks Are Saying About Merry Mischief:

"You guys were such great guests (and what a cute couple too!)" Julie Abbott- TV Host of "Bridge Street" WIXT News Channel 9

"I've been doing public affairs shows for years and taping this one was about the most fun I've ever had. Such a refreshing change from politics!" -by Bill Collie- WSEN Radio

"Without talent such as yours the Faires would be nothing more than a kegger with fancy food out in the woods! Thanks for the Great Shows!" - by Andy Gask/Renaissance Faire Traveler

"Jordan husband, wife make "Mischief" - by Mark Bialczak/Music Critic of the Post Standard, Syracuse, NY - Nov. 7, 2004
The wife and husband team of Marilyn and Wayne Fuller use their musical talents to tease. The pair from Jordan call their duo "Merry Mischief" and the new, 17-song disc "Lusty Ditties" is full of a randy spirit that echoes that title. The sound is old-time acoustic, with Marilyn on the 12-string and Wayne, the six-string guitar. Marilyn's alto and Wayne's tenor provide the vocal cornerstones. Think Robin Hood and his merry band bouncing through the forest. The lyrical tone is set by the photo on the back cover. Wayne stands pondering life, with two Marilyns on his shoulders-one a devil and the other an angel. Songs like "Dark and Roving Eye" and "Maids, When You're Young" signify the devilish side in the duo. The wink-wink lyrics burst with innuendo. Put in that context, innocent-sounding song titles like "My Thing is My Own" and "Roll Your Leg Over" take on a whole other meaning. The pair can sound sweetly angelic, too. The a cappella "Rosebud in June" is quite sweet, in fact.

"Playful and Flirtatious performance" - by Dan Franklin Ward/Syracuse Cultural Resource Council -March 2001

"Marilyn- You have an AWESOME voice! I really enjoyed hearing you and your husband perform today- our Career Day visitors did too!"- by Meg Osborne/Cayuga Community College

What Folks Are Saying About Merry Mischief:

"Merry Making"-by Nathan Turk/Music Critic of Syracuse New Times-Nov.17, 2004 Renaissance Music revisionists-Merry Mischief-is made up of Marilyn and Wayne Fuller, darlings of the annual summertime Sterling Renaissance Fair. Although their costumes and visual element are a big part of their schtick, their new disc "Lusty Ditties" is transporting in it's own right. The couple sings in the vintage English folk song "Dark and Roving Eye" like Richard & Linda Thompson over coruscating chords and Kirtee Kendrick-Boswer's crisp flute line. Leo Crandall lends hypnotic cello on "My Thing is My Own" and the Groggy Chorus Ensemble's jolliness is contagious in "All For Me Grog." But the highlight here is the warm and airy production, as if the songs were field recordings from castle courtyards, rural pastures and cottage pubs. It's a historical romp, but also a bawdy one with it's good natured innuendo. "If all the young ladies were sheep for a day, I'd play a shepherd and I'd flock them all day", Wayne sings in "Roll your leg Over'. It's borderline ribald, but they keep things comforably PG. Buy the disc on the web."

"Local Folk Duo provides Panacea" - by Jane Stebbins/Feature Writer of The Citizen, Auburn-July 13, 2002

"There is plenty of innuendo, sarcasm, flirtation and great wit flying around Wayne & Marilyn Fuller, known professionally as as the musical duo, "Merry Mischef". They have recently released their third compact disc, "Panacea". It's a Fun renaissance music CD for all ages. Their first two compact discs, Kismet and Cakes and Ale sold well both regionally and nationally. "We called the project "Panacea" because it seems the whole world needs some healing right now, said Marilyn Fuller. "Panacea is filled with good fun and music as a remedy, there's a good-natured spirit to it, even a little potty humor with the song, "Seven Old Ladies" which goes over like gangbusters." Panacea was recorded with Dan Cleveland sitting in three tracks "Dan plays a variety of instruments on this release, including bodhran, bones, slide whistle and the "Irish Trap Set". Owasco musician Ron VanNostrand also plays mandolin on "Arthur McBride" "The main thing is to transplant yourself to another time and to get others to believe they are there too"

"Very personable and authentic minstrels" - by Doris Wolf

"Peppy songs and festive strains of Merry Mischief kept the after work Happy Hour crowd happy" - by Allen Czelusniak/Music Critic Syracuse New Times April 2001

"An interesting mix of classic songs before amusing everyone with some hand-clapping Irish ditties" - by Art Wenzel-The Citizen

"More than their wit or the way that they looked or the wonderful jokes that they told, their secret was knowing that laughter and smiles were riches much greater than gold. Thank you for the gift of your laughter, the joy of your music, you helped make our day very special. Thanks so much!"- by Mary and Art Brown - Sterling Renaissance visitors 2003

"Listening to your music live and chuckling over your antics and limericks (no matter what era you are portraying) always makes my day! Your show is very well done and polished and you work quite well together. It definitely comes across to the audience that you obviously enjoy what you do." - by Theresa/Sterling Renaissance Faire Patron | About Us | Store | Gallery | Schedule |
P.O. Box 425, Jordan, NY 13080 ~ (315) 689-6815 ~

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